Just what was missing in the boating market.

From the cutting edge of engineering and technology comes revolve, the 100% electric one of a kind sterndrive

The only sterndrive able to rotate on its own axis to switch from ON to OFF mode, making its footprint almost zero

Inspired by a simple intuition, that of bridging the gap between what technology can do and what it should do to simplify and improve life on board

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Revolutionary simplicity


Tired of the typical gasoline outboard motors, heavy, bulky, to embark and disembark at every use, we have invested in the technological development to create not only economic value but also social and environmental value.

REVOLVE is the first motor equipped with an exclusive patented system that offers an innovative and elegant solution to completely eliminate the problem of mounting, dismounting and storing traditional outboard motors. 

Even the most experienced sailor can find it difficult to install and uninstall an outboard motor in strong wind and current conditions. With Mitek's new Revolve electric motor, anyone will be able to enjoy their tender or dinghy with ease and in total safety.

Zero footprint.

Always installed and

Ready to go.


The movement takes place thanks to a rotation parallel to the axis that allows to switch from ON mode (propeller immersed in the water ready to work) to OFF mode (propeller out of the water in closed position) completely resetting the external dimensions of the motor. In this way the motor will always be installed ready for use and it will be much easier to place the tender on board (for long navigation) or in the appropriate compartment or garage.