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Mitek Srl manufactures permanent magnet synchronous electric motors that can be used both as propulsion engines and generators according to the highest quality standards for industrial and marine markets. With more than 10 years of experience, it is a flexible partner that provides competitive products and services for sustainable mobility. Its activities focus on the design, engineering and production of innovative high torque electric motors, which are lighter, smaller and more efficient. Mitek Srl does not only manufacture motors, but also offers repowering solutions that transform polluting boats or commercial vehicles into eco-friendly, efficient and innovative electric boats or cars. 


Venturing into the field of hybrid/electric propulsion has now become a necessity.
Given the strong impact that the transport sector has on overall energy consumption and climate change,markets are increasingly moving in the direction of sustainable mobility.

Why switch to electric technologies?

Because of costs, comfort,safety and above all because electric motors have zero environmental impact, are quiet and require little maintenance. In addition, they do not produce any smoke nor do they cause pollution, and they do not need to be discharged into water or air like heatengines. Therefore, there cannot be any fuel or oil leak into the environment. Moreover, whichever the battery charging source is, the costs and levels of pollution to produce it are significantly lower than those required to produce heat engine fuels. Mitek Srl contributes to the reduction of environmental and noise impact providing a complete and tested electric propulsion system that replaces the usual heat engines.

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Our Project

Mitek Srl has decided to heavily invest in this sector designing and producing 260 PMS, the new high-efficiency synchronous motors series.
The experience of these years and the collaboration with design studios of primary importance led to the development of a full range of motors from 15 to115 kW. The advanced electrical configuration and the innovative alloy structure with special surface treatments enabled us to obtain very small sizes, low weights, very high efficiency and an innovative liquid cooling system (Waterfall System), which ensures intensive use in S1 mode. Mitek 260 PMS engines boast efficiencies between 92-95% with high torques already available at very low speed. On the contrary, heat engines provide high power but achieve low efficiency, around 35-40% at lowspeed.

All our engines are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy according to the highest quality standards, and provide a IP66 degree of protection. 

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